Frequently Asked Questions - Exclusive Yacht Rental Dubai
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When booking a yacht…

Q. How can I choose the right yacht for me?

A. We have 5 different sizes of yachts you can choose from. Decide which type of yacht you desire. You can contact our Charter Specialist hotline on 0526501454 to request a booking and receive yacht chartering advice and any current special deals.

Q. What is the cost of a yacht charter?

A. Our range of options allows for all budgets. The size of your chosen yacht and length of time you charter determine cost.

Q. What type of Charter do you do?

A. We do a Cruising and Fishing Trip or combination of both.

Q. How many hours is a cruising or Fishing trip?

A. A regular cruise from the Dubai Marina and around the Palm Jumeirah takes two (2) hours. Since our rates are on a per hour basis, you can request for a longer cruise especially when you want to swim or snorkel in the seas of Dubai after seeing all the iconic landmarks like the Burj Al Arab, Atlantis and The Palm. The 4 hours trip is enough to give you a complete tour and a little time to swim.

Fishing trips run for minimum of four (4) hours. It takes at least an hour to get to the deep sea where the fishes are abundant. Fishing also takes longer as we need to check the fishing gear, patiently wait for the fishes to bite, and eventually cook and eat your catch onboard the yacht.


Q. What is the route for cruising trip?

A. There is a standard routing in all cruising trips from the Dubai Marina Yacht Club. It starts from the lagoon, and in a two-hour trip, sails past the private beaches of Jumeirah beach residences towards the Burj Al Arab and around the Palm Jumeirah crescent where Atlantis The Palm sits. For fishing, the boat goes to the deeper waters of the Arabian Sea.

Q. How do I book a yacht?

A.  Once you have chosen a yacht you want to book, you can secure the booking by placing a 50% deposit against the allotted charter.

Q .How do I make the deposit and pay the balance?

A. You can pay via the following method;
Wire Transfer

Q. Should I do any advance booking?

A. Booking in advance is always ideal. During the peak season from October to early May, we recommend that you book ahead at least 3 to 4 weeks before your trip. Let us know all your requirements so we can prepare a great trip for you.

Q. Are babies welcome on the yachts?

A. Yes, minors under 2yrs are permitted but must remain within the Saloon or Cabin area accompanied by an adult. Children under the age of 9 are required to wear life jackets throughout the charter.

Q. Are the Foods and Drinks provided in my charter?

A. Water & Ice are complimentary when chartering with Neptune Yachts. We have catering Menus available upon request at a supplement (Italian Pizza Package @40 AED per person or Lebanese BBQ Package @65 AED per person), please discuss your catering and dietary requirements with your Charter Executive during the booking process.

Q. Do you have JET SKI’S?

A. We permit use of 3rd party Jet Ski’s during our charters. We can however supply a water sports such as, Banana and Doughnut rides if you would like to add activities to your Charter.


Q. Where is Neptune Yacht?

A. We are located within new Dubai at The Dubai Marina Yacht Club (DMYC).

Marina Mall

Marina West

Q. Where can I park?

A. Neptune operates a luxury pick up service with Limousine at convenient price and if you wish to bring your own vehicle you have the following parking options;

Roadside parking, subject to availability or marina mall parking lot.

Q. What time should we arrive?

A. Please arrive 20-30 min prior to your charter. Please make the operations team aware when you arrive.

Q. Will anyone meet us?

A. Please call in advance and inform the office what time you are due to arrive. We will have one of our Captains meet you and your guests at the front of the yacht club or the Marina Mosque and escort you to the vessel.

Q. Where and how do I pay the balance for my charter?

A. Payment of Balance can be done cash to your Yacht Captain.

Q. Do I need to carry my ID card during my trip?

A. Yes, as per the local regulations, all guests MUST bring with them Valid I.D. Passport for individuals coming from outside of UAE and Emirates I.D for Residents. Failure to comply may result in you or guests being refused entry to the vessel.

Q. Can I come early to set up decorations for my charter?

A. We will try to accommodate where we can, please consult your Charter Executive to discuss details outside of your allotted charter.

Q. Is there any specific dress code for cruising trip?

A. Casual wear, beachwear, or swimwear is preferred by most. We recommend that you dress as per the occasion. If you are cruising or fishing during winter, you should carry additional scarfs or sweaters to battle the cold winds. On your way to the marina, please wear clothes that are mindful of the local sensibilities.


Q. Can I order food and drink?

A. Yes. We have a contracted professional catering company servicing all of our vessels for more information on menu options and costs please contact your Charter Executive.

Q. Can I bring my own food?

A. Sure. Inform your charter Executive of the same and we will have one of our crew assist transporting the food and beverage to the vessel on the day. We have glasses on board. Any cutlery and crockery will need to be supplied by the client unless Neptune is providing the catering.

Q. Can we wear shoes onboard?

A. For the safety of our guests and to keep the yacht in pristine condition we require all guests to remove their footwear when boarding.

Q. Do we need to wear LIFE JACKETS?

A. Life jackets are only required when a weather warning has been issued or you are chartering a high speed vessel such as a speed boat.

Q. Can I play music on the yacht?

A. Yes. Each yacht is equipped with a sound system; an AUX cable friendly device is required. We do not have our own music to play, so please bring your own.

Q. What can we see through a typical cruising trip?

A. From the Dubai Marina where your yacht casts off, you are treated to stunning views of the tallest residential and hotel buildings in Dubai. Your cruise sails out towards the Dubai coast where you see a line of pristine golden sand beaches leading up to the majestic Burj Al Arab. Your yacht then glides around the Palm Jumeirah Island up to its zenith where the mythical-themed resort-hotel Atlantis, The Palm stands magical as it faces the wide open Persian Gulf. Views of other hotel properties on the Palm like the Zabeel Saray and the One and Only Palm are a few other spectacles you can see before your cruise heads back home to the welcoming arms of Dubai Marina.

Q. Can we change the proposed course?

A. Of course, route plans should be discussed with your Charter Executive or the Captain prior/during to your departure, weather and Coastguard restrictions may apply.

Q. What if weather is bad on the day?

A. The Coast Guard informs our office if a weather warning has been issued. In this instance you will be notified immediately and have the following options presented to you;

-Continue with your charter with an alternative and safer route plan (if permitted).
-Reschedule the charter for a later date.

Q. How do I limit seasickness?

A. This is subjective, we advise to minimize the risk of discomfort during your charter, eat a meal (no fruit) ideally bread and stay on the top deck facing the direction the vessel is moving in. The Captain will assign seasickness tablets prior to the charter for those commonly affected by motion sickness..

Q. Can we fish?

A. Yes, we can provide fishing gears on request.

Q. What do we do with the fish?

A. You can either take the fish home with you or request our crew to grill it for you onboard. Enjoy your catch any way that you want.

Q. Do we always get fish during a fishing trip?

A. Although we have state-of-the-art fish-finder on our fishing boats and yachts, catching fish is not guaranteed. Choppy sea waters or rough weather can make fishing difficult. Fishing is generally unpredictable, and there is no 100% guarantee of getting fish during the trip.

Q. Can we swim?

A. Swimming is permitted during daylight hours only. Cut offs are typically during the Summer months at 7.00pm and winter months at 5.00pm.

Q. Can I extend my charter on the day?

A. You may extend your charter IF we are in a position where there is availability following your charter. We advise this is pre discussed as a possibility with your Charter Executive. Payment for the extension must be with the Captain in cash during your charter.

Q. What if I want to cancel my charter?

A. If you want to cancel your pre-booked trip, you need to give us at least 72-hours’ or a 3 days’ notice and your entire booking amount will be returned to you. However, please keep in mind that last minute cancellations will create a great deal of inconvenience to all, and you may not be reimbursed the full amount.


Q. How many yachts do you have?

A. We currently operate 5 yachts:

50ft – up to 18 guest capacity
52ft- up to 20 guest capacity
56ft – up to 22 guest capacity
62ft – up to 24 guest capacity
80ft – up to 30 guest capacity

Q. What facilities are on the yachts?

A. Each vessel has cabins, shower/toilet, heads, Saloons, fly bridge.

Q. Do you have fishing equipment available in all your yachts?

A. Yes, we do have fishing equipment available. However, we request our guests to inform our reservation executives that you would like to do fishing during your cruising trip so that fishing equipment, live baits and other fishing needs can be prepared for you.

Q. Are plates, cutlery and glasses provided onboard or do I have to bring my own?

A. We will supply ample glassware on all our charters. If you have chosen Neptune Catering our caterers will supply all the plates and cutlery needed. If you choose to supply your own food please bring plates and cutlery with you.

Q. Is there ice on board?

A. Yes. All vessels will come with adequate ice, water, soft drinks and juices.

Q. Is there BBQ on board?

 A. All of our larger vessels carry BBQ Grills on board. Please ask your Charter Executive about the catering facilities on the yachts and if you would like this to be prepared for your Charter.

Q. Do your yachts have any first aid kits?

A. As per local regulations, we carry fully supplied first-aid kit. Our captain and crew are well-trained to administer first aid when the need arises.

Q. How safe are your cruising yachts?

A. In accordance with the strict regulations of the Dubai Port and Custom Authority, all our cruising yachts undergo regular preventive and predictive maintenance.  All the gauges and other systems onboard are calibrated, and fire and safety equipment are checked for validity.

Q. What is the insurance cover for guests on your cruising and fishing trip?

A. The entire trip is comprehensively insured. It covers the boat, the crew, and guests onboard.